About Us

Alternative Microsystems has been doing business in the Northeast Indiana area for over 20 years. As a family run business, we began with a single idea - to bring emerging technology to local schools. Now we serve schools, businesses, professionals and the technology needs of local factories.

We serve our clients with a small team of experts who have the experience to meet your particular business needs.

Our History

It all started when a local school asked for help setting up their computer systems, and a young man offered to help. The solution was as simple then as it is today - listen to the need, ask the right questions, and provide the most cost efficient solution and service. 20 years and a lifetime of technology changes later, we're still providing that same service, and our clients keep coming back.

That young man is my father, and he started this business to serve the needs of his local community. We honor him as we individually meet the needs of every client we serve.

Columbia City, IN



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